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My Top Alternative Wedding Ideas

Weddings don’t have to be kept to a set formula and follow what is tradition. Its your special day, so do it however you want! Below are some of my top alternative wedding ideas to create a truly memorable day that stands out from the rest!

A Surprise Wedding

Why not surprise your friends and family with an impromptu wedding? Plan with your partner to get everyone together and then BOOM! Surprise wedding! Who wouldn’t love this? It takes away all the fuss before the wedding and reduces all that planning. There is no need for everyone to buy new clothes for the day or splash out on extras such as wedding vehicles, and overly catered wedding breakfasts. Honestly, the shock and surprise of the event will make it a day to be remembered by everyone.

Smoke Grenades

Do you want some of your photos to stand out? Then you should invest in some smoke grenades! You can buy monotone or brightly colour grenades that can add some much-needed colour and contrast to your shots! Enola Gaye make some of the best smoke grenades in the UK. You should also speak to your photographer to see of if they have their own stock too.

Unconventional Location

Most couples get married in a church, country house or town hall, but what if you want somewhere different? Well, you can! Get married in the middle of the woods, or on the edge of a cliff. Or maybe rent a TIPI and create your own campsite and have your own festival themed wedding! You can even have it in a museum, or a gallery… There are so many places to choose from, so think outside the box, and pick something that matches your personalities.

Hand Made Dresses

Buying a dress for your big day can be very expensive, so why not make your own or buy a second hand one, and have it tailored? One couple I shot for found a dress in a charity shop for £5.00 and added a shoulder piece to complete the outfit! Another bride purchased two and combined them both with cowboy boots! Again, its thinking outside the box and being different. It isn’t the value that counts but how good and unique you look on the day.

Sustainable Floral Decorations

Your flowers can really add to your venue and compliment your outfit! So, opt for local and sustainable decorations if you can! If you’re based in South Yorkshire, I recommend Meadows and Mulberry they can bring your floral arrangements to life without harming the planet! They source all their flowers locally and from gardens around Sheffield. Being sustainable is the ethos of their business, so why not make it a part of your day too!

A Circular Ceremony

Ceremonies are usually very formulaic. Guests on either side of an aisle with the altar or registration table at the other end where the Bride and Groom will be. Boring! Why not change the layout of the ceremony? One unique way is to have circular ceremony, where your guests surround you and your partner as you get married. Its relatively cheap and can add a cool twist to the most traditional aspect of the wedding!

Funny Wedding Invites

Wedding invites don’t have to be serious, why can’t they make your guests laugh? Add a joke, a play on words or a funny limerick! If you’re looking for alternative wedding invites, I recommend Designs by Paris. Based in South Yorkshire, Paris designs all of her invites, meeting the clients wishes. She also uses sustainable products that are available and always try to be plastic free where possible. Some of her invites are truly unique and will have your guest laughing and wanting to attend your wedding.

Go Digital

In a post pandemic world, you may think I am on about having a Zoom Wedding… wrong! But there are aspects of your wedding you can have done in the digitally. You can set up a wedding website, send out digital invites and even share your wedding photos!

Shake up the Timeline

Again, most wedding days tend to follow a pattern. Ceremony in the morning, group shots after the ceremony and then wedding breakfast afterwards. Well, why not break the day up completely? Why can’t you have your ceremony at sunset, during golden hour? Or get married under a perfect night’s sky? There are no rules so play fast and loose with your day and mix it up!

Bonus Hack!

I hope the above tips can give you an idea as to how your can day can stand out from the rest. Whichever you choose, you will want long last memories of your crazy, alternative wedding. If you’re looking for a photographer who loves doing alternative weddings, then please check out my website at CRTmedia.co.uk! I’d love to hear your plans, talk you through your wedding and be a part of your memorable day!

Blog Writer - Jon-Jo Armstrong

Photographer - Chris Thompson

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